Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bourjois at Sephora?

why is everything from bourjois on sale at are they onna stop selling it???Bourjois at Sephora?
They're just having a sale. You should stock up. =) I love the Duochrome eyeliner. I have one in every color.Bourjois at Sephora?
I actually heard the line is leaving the store, also heard it may pop up in Target. Report Abuse

ppl from time to time SEPHORA DOES HAVE SALES.....

They do this to make room for the new stuff that the companies have coming out!!!!!!!!!

Napoleon Perdis is currently on sale for 50% off there and Hard Candy is 50% too!!!

Don't freak out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Perfect nail polish (v Bourjois Nail Enamel)?

Anyone tried this nail polish???

I like to apply my nail polish so there is a space on either side of my makes them look more elegant.

Would this product help?

Anyone got any tips?Perfect nail polish (v Bourjois Nail Enamel)?
I love bourjois nail polish, its amazing, and much cheaper than designer brands. Also Chanel own bourjois makeup, thats why its so good.Perfect nail polish (v Bourjois Nail Enamel)?
it just looks good on those nails cause there fake!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't try it but i have tried one of their nail polish and it wasn't that good .maybe this one is better

u r right:) i apply nail polish sometimes in the same way u do

try mac nail polish.. it's fantastic!

u just need to apply one layer and ur nails will look perfect and shiny

hope that helps:)

take care
It only takes one second to apply but it only lasts 2 days.It coats the whole of your nail so you won't be able to do gaps that easily.
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  • Bourjois liner effect mascara reveiws...?

    I would prefer reviews from people who chose the black or brown colour and who has NON curled and large voluptuous lashes cos seriously you guys can wear anything :) lucky youBourjois liner effect mascara reveiws...?
    my eyes are naturally huge and curly

    but they need volume to be noticed..

    i have just maybelline the collosal volum' express

    and its amazing and the yello %26amp; purple packaging looks great.

    it adds tons of volume and has no clumps

    also adds length and makes them super glam black.

    its a must have!


    Bourjois Effet 3D lipgloss...?

    Is it worth buying? Coz I really need a new lipgloss with a pinkish tinge since I already have a million nude/beige lipglosses and I've read that it's quite good. I'm South East Asian so I have dark olive skin and I was wondering if you do recommend it...which colour would suit me (preferably wit a pinkish tinge)...

    ...thanks...Bourjois Effet 3D lipgloss...?
    Bourjois is good stuff. It is made at the same factory as Chanel in France.

    Foundation- Bourjois - Matt Lovely?

    Has anyone heard of Bourjois - Matt Lovely foundation?

    It was on the sephora website but now it's gone. Does anyone know WHERE I can buy it (besides online)? I live in the US. Also, it usually goes for $22 but on the sephora website it was marked down to $5 so if anyone knows anything, do tell!

    Or, if anyone knows of something similar to this product, that would be super!


    Foundation- Bourjois - Matt Lovely?
    They are discontinuing this line at Sephora because they now sell Bourjois at Target stores. It has just started, so it may not be to your Target yet. And the good news is, is that the prices are supposed to be lower now!

    You ever tried BOURJOIS?

    I LOVE the brand. I have some of their eyeshadows. (i only wear eyeshadow really)

    You tried Bourjois before?

    Any good reviews?

    Any problems?

    Any FAB eyeshadows?


    xxxxYou ever tried BOURJOIS?
    Yeah I think they are a good makeup brand. I do like the brand but their packaging always seems to fail with me. It looks great, but not very reliable.. well not for me anyway. The lip gloss I bought kept leaking out the bottle, the powder foundation crumpled up by itself and the lid off the blusher stopped shutting properly. But I do think the makeup is good quality and I love all the different eye shadow and blusher shades. The mascara is amazing too! I'd recommend Bourjois Clubbing Mascara. I love it! xYou ever tried BOURJOIS?
    yes....used their lip pencils for many years....and now they have discontinued my favourite i've had to switch to Rimmel

    Bourjois clubbing mascara..?

    Is it any good?

    How is it different to other mascara?

    xoBourjois clubbing mascara..?
    THIS IS AMAZING, I ordered it the first day Sephora had it on their site. Mascaras are my guilty indulgence. I model and get a taste of the thickest and best, and when something new for thickening and lengthening comes out, I grab it, even if I haven't used it yet. Unfortunately, at that time at Sephora's it was only available in brown or blue. I got the brown, and have never used brown mascara before because I always assumed it would not give enough definition, lashes have NEVER been so full and glorious, even in BROWN!! It is on there in black now, too, and I can't even imagine what that will look like!! GET IT! :)Bourjois clubbing mascara..?
    I bought it, and its no different to any other Bourjois mascara I've had - its fantastic. It has just the right amount of wax in to hold the curl of the lash. Its a definite recommend - but don't get the brown, get the black. Brown mascara is a waste of money.
    yess i have it it stays on so long you can sleep in it and it will still look the same as you did after u put it on
    skin disease